This is an actual email we have received from a very satisfied customer.

Hi I would like to say, that after having used many cotton candy machines, the only one for me is the Cretor's machine. It has a ribbonless head which makes all the difference in the world. I have NEVER had any problems with my Ringmaster Light 5" head machine. I had nothing but problems with all the other machine I have used with ribbon heads, they break down, and are a pain to fix, etc.

I have ran my Cretor Ringmaster Light 5" head machine all day long spinning hundreds of cotton candy cones day after day with no problem, never plugs up, just keeps on spinning it out.

If you want an easy to use problem free unit, Cretors is the only one for you. I have just purchased a Ringmaster 7" head machine, for even greater volume to suit our needs. I can't wait to use it as well. With my other machines I would have to turn them off after 1-2 lbs of sugar, sometime even less,  clean the tub out and start all over again,  great loss of time,messy and a real pain. Not with my Cretor's Machines,  no time loss at all. I can't say enough for this company. Buy one, you won't be sorry.  They are worth every penny. Michele