Cold Food Handling

Countertop Cream Server w/Ice Packs

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The Cream Server provides maximum service in a compact space, without electricity. It's designed to hold bulk cream at a safe temperature in your coffee station for hours while the gleaming stainless steel design signals quality and cleanliness to your customers. The Cream Server is constructed of a stainless steel exterior, one-piece seamless plastic interior and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation.

Standard features include:
            • Stainless steel construction with insulation for efficiency 
            • Stainless steel pump wtih captured valve balls to eliminate loss
            • 1-oz (30 mL) stroke with easy-to-adjust portion control in 1/4-oz (7 mL) increments
            • Stainless steel jar with a 3 qt (2.8 L) capacity 
            • 2 Round Eutectic Ice Packs 94013
            • 2 year warranty