Barstool 3107

  • Description
            • Standard 30" Height
            • Optional 26" Counter
            • Chrome Frame/360 Degree Swivel
            • Stylish retro seat
            • Size: 30"H x 17"W x 21"D
            • Weight-20 lbsUPS service available for small orders.
            • Orders Larger than 5, please call for best truck shipping. 
            • Ships within 10-15 business days. 
            • 96 Colors to choose from CLICK HERE for chart

Grade 2 Ranchero

  • Description
Grainy with a little shine.
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Grade 2 Laredo

  • Description
Leather like texture, very smooth and fast.
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Grade 2 El Diego

  • Description
Very light grain with firm texture.
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Grade 3 Ranchide

  • Description
Softer, matte finish. Somewhat leather like
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Grade 3 Floridian

  • Description
True colors and smooth.  Bright, good on 50's style
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Grade 4 El Dorado

  • Description
Top of the line!!  Very leather like, rich colors
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Premiere Color Chart

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  • Description

Wow...Check out this color chart. If you are looking for that unique color, it may be right here.  For a gigantic color swatch, just click here


Zodiac Colors

  • Description
Remember back to those glitter days. Zodiac from Naugahyde is where it's at. From the Soda Fountain Style of days gone by, to the Nostalgia Fifties Style bar stools, you can now create that perfect look!! Avaible on some models on this page...Minimum order is 2 stools. Other models will be quoted as needed. Please call or e-mail us.
Grade 5

Hot Pink