Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are Dreamseats manufactured in the

A:  Yes, every Dreamseat is manufactured in Tennessee.

Q:  Who manufactures your product?

A:  Berkline, a nationally renowned furniture manufacturer since 1928, manufactures exclusively for Dreamseats.

Q:  How is a Dreamseat packaged?

A:  Each Dreamseat comes in a box measuring 41”(L)x 34”(W) x 36” (H).  The back lays flat in the box to reduce damage during shipping.

Q:  Do I need tools to put the back on the base?

A:  No.  The back slips on the base very easily without the use of tools.  It takes about 10 seconds.  For your convenience, click here for a downloadable copy of the installation instructions.

Q:  What are the dimensions of a Dreamseat?

A:  Dreamseats have an overall height of 41” (25” to top of arm), a width of 38”, and an overall depth of 33”.

Q:  I’m putting my Dreamseat in a small room and I’m nervous that the chair will take up too much space when I recline.

A:  Fortunately, Dreamseat has the Wallaway® feature, which is great.  You only need to position your Dreamseat 3” away from the wall for it to fully recline.

Q:  What is my Dreamseat made of?

A:  Each Dreamseat is constructed of high quality top grain leather (leatherette sides and back for ease of maintenance) with an embroidered logo sewn into the back.

Q:  What type of leather do you use?

A:  We use pigmented corrected grain.

Q:  How does this leather compare to other leathers?

A:  Pigmented leathers are surface coated, allowing us to match the team colors.  A corrected grain leather has the leather texture embossed to control the texture quality of the leather.

Q:  What is the difference between leather and fabric regarding durability?

A:  The benefits of leather include increased durability which leads to a longer life, resistance to tears compared to fabric; it ages gracefully and becomes softer over time.

Q:  What is the best way to clean my Dreamseat?

A:  The best way to clean your chair is to use a white cloth dampened with water. If needed, use a water-based cleaner. Never use an alcohol-based cleaner, as the alcohol will dry the leather, potentially causing it to crack. Use a clean white cloth to absorb spills immediately.

Q:  Are there any special care instructions for the embroidery of my Dreamseat?

A:  The best way to care for the embroidery on your chair is to use water-based cleaners and blot any stains that may appear.  Do not scrub.

Q:  What type of warranty do you offer?

A:  Dreamseats have a limited lifetime warranty.  Wooden frame parts, springs, recline mechanism are covered for life; cushions have a five year warranty; and cover has a one year warranty.  Replacement parts are also covered for life; labor, shipping, and handling are covered for one year after the purchase.

Q:  If I place an order today, how long will it take for delivery?

A:  If a Dreamseat is not in stock, standard shipping time is 3-4 weeks.

Q:  Where is my Dreamseat shipped from?

A:  If we have your chair in stock, the Dreamseat will send it out from our NY warehouse.  If it is not in stock, it will be shipped from TN.

Q:  Who ships the Dreamseats?

A:  Dreamseats are shipped through common carriers (Yellow Freight, Old Dominion, etc.) or Dreamseat Trucks.

Q:  What are my delivery options?

A:  There is Curbside or White Glove Delivery.  Standard delivery for Dreamseats is curbside delivery.  Curbside delivery means the common carrier will deliver the product to the customers curb.  It is the responsibility of the customer to bring the chair inside their house/apartment.  White Glove delivery means the carrier will bring the chair inside, assemble the chair (put the back on it - requires no tools) and remove the cardboard box and all packing materials.  White Glove is an additional $150 per chair.

Q:  Do I need to be home when my chair is delivered?

A:  Yes, the trucker will not leave the Dreamseat outside of your house without an authorized signature.  You will be contacted prior to the chair being delivered to set up a delivery date.

Q:  Your company is located in New York.  I live in another state, how can I purchase a Dreamseat?

A:  You can order through our website, call our friendly staff here at Dreamseat (631-656-1066), or order through one of our hundreds of authorized Dreamseat dealers throughout the country.

Q:  The chairs looks great on the website, but where can I see one and sit in one?

A:  The pictures don’t do the Dreamseats justice.  You can visit our showroom in Commack, NY or call us to locate a dealer near you.  “Seating is Believing.”

Q:  Is there a discount if I purchase more than four Dreamseats at one time?

A:  If you wish to purchase more than four Dreamseats, please call us and a representative will be happy to speak with you regarding a discount.

Recline button is down hereQ:  I can’t find the recline button. Where is it?

A:  If you reach your hand on the inside right arm of the chair, you will feel the recline button. Push and your Dreamseat reclines!

Q:  I just received my Dreamseat and it doesn’t recline.  What’s wrong?

A:  As part of shipping, there is a string underneath the chair connecting the foot rest to the back of the chair to prevent the mechanism from deploying.  Make sure that the string has been detached from the chair.  If it has been, and you are still experiencing problems, call Dreamseat at (631) 656-1066.

Q:  The box looks damaged.  What do I do?

A:  Sign for the box damaged.  It is best to inspect it while the driver is there too.  If the product is damaged, refuse the shipment and call Dreamseat at (631) 656-1066.  If there is no damage to the chair, then nothing else needs to be done.

Q:  My Dreamseat just got delivered and I see a defect.  What do I do?

A:  Call Dreamseat at (631) 656-1066 and we will be happy to resolve the issue and set up for a repair.  The service department has representatives all over the country.

Q:  I have had my Dreamseat for a while now, and there is a problem with it.  What do I do?

A:  Any problems you have with your chair, call Dreamseat at (631) 656-1066.  We will look up your history, assess the problem, and set up for a repair if necessary.  If your chair is still covered by warranty, we will be more than happy to do this for you free of charge.

Q:  Can I request my own custom Dreamseat?

A:  Dreamseats can be customized at an additional charge.  Customization needs to be reviewed by Dreamseats prior to making any commitments.

Q:  Can you supply Dreamseats for my Charity Event?

A:  Of course we can! Please call us at (631) 656-1066 and we would be more than happy to discuss our charity program for your event!

Q:  This one actually came in to Dreamseats: “I can’t get my 5 year old out of my chair; can I order another one?”

A:  Absolutely. Contact us or your original dealer and order any one of your favorite teams.