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Digital Control Pizza Oven

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Imagine the taste of perfecely baked Rising Dough Pizza as well as Pretzels, Hot Pockets, and even breakfast sausage & egg muffins. How about Buffalo Wings? The Wisco Pizza Pal Plus Oven cooks it all.

The all new Pizza Pal Plus Oven sports an industry first 30 minute digital solid state timer and temperature control, two temperature settings, and heating elements above and below the food. This, combined with an almost 3 inch high opening, allows our oven not only to seal in moisture, but also cook a wide variety of food.

The new digital control with TWO TEMPERATURE SETTINGS is especially designed to do the Original Crusts as well as the ever popular Rising Dough Crusts. A larger opening accommodates the thicker crust pizza while expanding the capabilities of the oven for other frozen prepared foods, and other menu items. NSF rated.

18"W x 15" D x 8"H

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